DaChaiWu rescue and protection work has been imminent (FIG)

DaChaiWu rescue and protection work has been imminent (FIG.)

Learn to jump DaChaiWu li li DaChaiWu, selected the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Serial number: 135; Project name: li DaChaiWu; Project category: folk dance; Declare areas or units: sanya; Numbers: 鈪?- 32. Main characteristics and value: originated in ancient cliff state funeral activities li, li is the most representative folk dance kind. DaChaiWu li is the oldest folk, the most representative kinds of dancing. Li language called “turn brake”, “too brake”, originated in ancient cliff state (now sanya) li funeral activities. Li is ancient in die used for protecting resin, drive away the beast would, help calm nerves yan and ancestor worship of a funeral dance. Li village have a loss of method called “dry” “. After the death of man that the casket, stop coffins 12 days, 24 days, a months time, and then in the dust. In the stop coffins “dry” “period, mourning and zhoucun related men and women, old and young every night to jump DaChaiWu mourning. The qing dynasty the cliff state chi “on the custom made records:” funeral…. lean yue tea, rich yue for eight, the heart to cattle and sheep for low light beam drink……. For eight, the heart points of flowers and trees, jumping strike pestle “. “Jump strike pestle” is refers to DaChaiWu jump. This is the what is seen only records of the ancient literature li dance. DaChaiWu also called bamboo pole dance, in ShaiGuChang or hillside ground level ground, parallel lay out leg as thick two square timber cushion frame, mat placed horizontally on several wrist thick a long bamboo pole, hold the post of the corresponding hands, each party holding one end of bamboo, the bamboo pole and mount, bamboo and bamboo touch hit rhythmic sound, called “collect firewood”. DaChaiWu a complete set of dance with and jump method, dance with is a two block and the little wood composition. Dancing will two block relative off 2 meters parallel put on the ground, block shelf number to the little sticks. Sticks at both ends by several people holding respectively, the two two relative, up and down, left and right sides, points close, cross panting, issued a strong strong rhythm. Dancer plunged into the wood, and jump, crouching, imitate human activities and various animal movements and sounds. The staff who pose a sit, squat, and stood 3 kinds, variety. DaChaiWu by flat step, grinding step, raft rope half step, small frog step, big frog step, the dog chased the deer step, screen meters step, monkeys stealing valley step and the raven step etc nine relatively independent of the dance. In a rhythm, regular rattle, dancer in bamboo pole points joint moment, not only should promptly a jump, but also to natural and unrestrained natural to do all kinds of beautiful action. When couples dancer deftly jump out of bamboo, the staff person will be loud crying out “hey! Oh hey!” Occasions extremely is heroic free and easy, the atmosphere was warm. If dancer incompetence or cowardly, will be bamboo clips feet or play round, the staff person will use bamboo lift be clip to the men went to the fall, and hard of laughter. On the contrary, jumping guy at this time, often because of the clever agile, strain freely and evoke the girl’s favour. Historical value: li ancient guard resin dance “living fossil”. There are many protection resin dance all ethnic groups. Li dance and funeral customs closely associated with the DaChaiWu only one kind, the textual research, it is found that at present the li old guard resin dance, to study li dance history origin has very important reference value. Artistic value: has the complete set of fixed jump method and proper nouns. At present the li dance, has the complete set the dance content, jump method and proper nouns, only DaChaiWu a. Competitive value and fitness value: because DaChaiWu is to use coarse sticks, dance in the whole is up and down, left and right sides, cross strike wooden cases done, so pay attention to strike wood, and dancers cooperation, tacit understanding, courage and skill, touch sensitive. Have a little bit the immodesty was wounded. Ancient times, the local li people also use of funeral activities jump DaChaiWu opportunities, competitive game. After the liberation, DaChaiWu after processing, adaptation, popular in the whole hainan province. And in some universities, secondary, primary and secondary schools sports teaching material, benefit many. Because DaChaiWu props, rhythm, jump method of particularity and with strong entertainment, competitive ingredients, DaChaiWu quickly spread through the whole hainan li area, become li famous kinds of dancing. DaChaiWu rhythm strong strong, the movement of primitive simplicity is straightforward, vivid image, artistic appeal is strong, have very strong show, is to carry out mass sports activities is a better way. After the founding of new China, the original hainan li miao autonomous prefectures and counties related departments processing, DaChaiWu onto the stage and screen and playgrounds, become li dance and sports project, participated in the national large-scale literature and art joint performance and the national games, get JinYinJiang. The processing, adaptation, DaChaiWu its property by the club into a bamboo pole, so it is also called the “bamboo dance”. Today the stage or sports place seen are jumping in the form of bamboo. 1957 workers will dance the heavy adaptation in minority literature and art festival, is known as “wuzhi-shan art flower”. Later to Romania, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Japan and other countries performances, and is known as “the world rare aerobics”. DaChaiWu rely on hainan area li folk custom and exist, the region custom changes, the folk DaChaiWu survival continue has great influence. At present, the whole li area only cliff towns LangDian village still retains the ancient customs. Therefore, rescue and protection of the li national minority folk DaChaiWu already imminent.