Authentic swimming guangdong eat never-failing cantonese cuisine feeling

“Authentic” swimming guangdong eat never-failing cantonese cuisine feeling

“Eating in guangzhou” is already known, through the streets of guangzhou, no matter where you come from, you can find suitable flavors of food. In guangdong, is no exaggeration to say, as long as you on the map any choose a place, and then toward this direction, all the way you can harvest surprise –, different flavor but the real original, and at the same time is a culture of food. Western guangdong zhaoqing, all kinds of products rich in resources. Zhaoqing food is the mix of the north and south flavor, Chinese and western style. Profile dishes beauty point complex diverse, taste design second to none have gourmet said, square meal guangdong food is indeed one of the most attractive enjoy. The large Chinese cuisine, cantonese cuisine is especially prominent. The cooking techniques of subtlety, dishes beauty point of complex diverse, the delicious taste, color, aroma, taste and shape the overall design of the perfect, as well as eating environment, atmosphere of elegant and services such as meticulous, is second to none. As we have learned, cantonese cuisine is mainly composed of guangzhou, chaozhou, dongjiang three kinds of flavor composition. With a YueFangYan area belong to the guangzhou food culture circle. Guangzhou food set south China sea food, panyu cuisine, dongguan food, shunde food, ShanCai in the place such as the characteristics of flavor, it pay attention to quality and flavour, taste is light, and strive to clear and fresh, light and beauty, and with the change of seasons change, summer and fall on light, in winter and lay particular stress on rich. Chaozhou cuisine, also called tide food. Its most prominent characteristics, is a good cook seafood, seafood cooking is made of choice material and making fine, and with sauce dish seasoning, achieve fresh delicious, clear and not light. Such as mandarin duck green crab, oyster burger, stewed black ear eel, clear soup crab pill, etc., is chaozhou cuisine seafood representative masterpieces. Hakka dishes, when belong to hakka dongjiang cuisine famous. The traditional hakka signboards vegetables salt baked chicken, stuffed tofu and braise in soy sauce meat, etc. Former hakka dishes taste lay particular stress on “fat, salt, ripe”. And now is to pursue flavor and delicious to the liking of as the standard, the hakka living environment with relevant, green mountains and rivers, the original ecological food materials, and the taste of with delicate give priority to. Line to the west: zhaoqing, deqing, zhanjiang, maoming seafood rich, duck, especially many qingyuan chicken so-called “backer has mountain, draft relying on water”. Is located in the western guangdong zhaoqing, each district the product is rich, especially rich, spread “bosom set guangning wood, bamboo, deqing valley” say, like xijiang tree, lotus root, high to MaiXi fish, mountain pit screw, deqing finger citron, Chinese herbal medicine, such as the spirit of deep clean air. West and zhanjiang, maoming is located in the coastal, natural rich seafood became one of the most famous local food, locals is no fish don’t huan, in addition to “clear, fresh, sweet, tender” for the characteristics of zhanjiang, maoming dishes, but also LaoGuang heart good. Zhaoqing food for both the north and south flavor, Chinese and western style, set dishes, snacks, Chinese food with a local flavor. The main local characteristics are: xijiang tree, bamboo shoots, guangning banquet gaoyao large bay town MaiXi carp (Huan), dinghu the meat, zhaoqing wrapped steaming, fengkai apricot blossom chicken, sihui fairy screw, etc. Among the deqing snacks also a take delight in talking about. And zhanjiang, maoming electric Chinese cabbage, the zhanjiang, maoming’s DianBaiXian as a representative, zhanjiang old say “guangzhou bay”, and maoming, yangjiang, eating habits are interlinked, zhanjiang food the biggest characteristics is a fresh material, flavor. Saying a way: “eat seafood to zhanjiang”, the lobster, abalone, etc is rare seafood zhanjiang a special skill. Farm preserved vegetable &pork comment on: zhaoqing food numerous, such as fragrance waft of urban and rural traditional food zhaoqing wrapped steamed, and large bay MaiXi carp, xijiang abalone xijiang tree, bamboo, bamboo rice guangning Fried insect, fengkai apricot blossom chicken delicious cuisines, etc. Of course, xijiang river crab and shrimp is also a big characteristic. West river shrimp crab size is not large, but the meat freshness beauty, is a fisherman’s style; White chicken is the first choice of zhanjiang people festival food, tender meat bone is sweet, is must taste of. In addition quicksand town pearl oyster is to use garlic steamed pearl oyster, very fresh and tender, the inside of the white fans green chopped green onion loom, and tasted one mouthful, sweet in take bit of fresh sweet seafood, in oral cavity umami back to Kennedy. Transport: from driving go wide three high-speed, turn to the wide zhao highway, the zhaoqing city into the 321 national road, along the way in the west river find your be fond of food “settled”. Along the national road 321 after arrived at deqing county, from the county according to the signs indicating driving can reach panlong canyon scenic spot.