Harbin tourism strategy famous restaurant general (FIG)

Harbin tourism strategy famous restaurant general (FIG.)

China messi restaurant hua messi restaurant is located in the central avenue in the daoli district no. 142, has a long history. This restaurant constellation Russian western food cooking essence, the main business Russian cuisine, such as Britain, France, Italy equality cuisines. Mainly include: milk pork silk, tank braised chicken, shrimp, beef, mutton, roast fish, milk mixed prawns, string lamb, braised iron etc a variety of 40 dishes. Oriental dumpling king head office is located in the daoli district of the central street and number. Dumpling stuffing big thin skin, soup enough fresh and tender, smooth taste, unique. In addition to dumplings beyond, still engaged in smoked sauce, barbecue, spicy mix dishes, in colour, aroma and taste, having a unique style. Came to Harbin, authentic Russian meal is a must not miss it. In addition, eat bear’s paw, taste fragrance, taste “three flowers”, enjoy hedgehog, all products rich, experienced delicacies, but also enjoy travel Harbin indispensable important one annulus. Fu tai floor, north to shun, China messi restaurant, JiangNaChun, sigma dining room, fu into 23 hot pot city, old are one place dumpling restaurant, Oriental dumpling king, wu remember bone paste stew restaurant is Harbin famous restaurants.


Special Malaysia Lanka WeiLe at six days tourism line tourism

Special Malaysia Lanka WeiLe at six days tourism line | tourism

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